Thursday, September 10, 2009


This morning as we pulled up to the school, Rowan was very calm. While we were waiting in line, he looked around and pointed at all sorts of things. When the teacher walked up to fetch him, he did begin to cry, but soon stopped.

When he walked into the classroom he seemed relaxed and got busy with some work. He seemed happy the entire hour that he was there and his teachers were very pleased with the progress he has made. I was relieved too.

Because I had to fetch him after only an hour, I got to meet him in the classroom. I opened the door, walked in and talked to his teachers without him even noticing. And then he looked up from where he was busy cutting some paper and when he saw me he screamed out "Yay! Nonny (Mommy)!" He was so overwhelmed with emotion that he started crying again. Perhaps he wasn't sure if I was going to leave again. After he calmed down we had to remind him that he still had to tidy up his work station. I have never seen this kid put anything away as fast as he did this morning.

So, all in all, we are happy with the progress. Rowan is really going to like school once he gets used to it. Of that I am sure.
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