Monday, September 21, 2009

Clowning around? Oh no. We were doing something much more sophisticated than that today!
Rowan's new kitchen cupboard came equipped with a very lovely little tea set. I was hoping that this little boy of ours would take to having tea and a snack. All his little girl friends like to have tea time and we even attended such an event a little while ago. Back then Rowan wasn't interested in sitting around a table drinking from tiny cups, but at that time he also wasn't doing any of the pouring himself.
Rowan first discovered his tea set yesterday and his Dad obligingly joined him at his small table to show him just how it is done while I cooked dinner. So today, he was very excited and remembered exactly what he was shown yesterday.

One of the great things about having tea (milk) in every single cup available is that you get to wash them all afterwards. Washing them all takes long and when you do it over and over again, you can keep yourself happily busy for at least an hour. I admire his work ethic :) I wonder how long it will last? Well, I hope it lasts long enough for it to rub off on me. Perhaps I too will one day again enjoy doing the dishes.

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  1. OH, that little gentleman will be the perfect addition for our tea times... he can even do the pouring, or at least help, as thats one of the best parts... and he can gladly do all the dishes, our kitchen is full of it... anke