Saturday, September 12, 2009


For those of you who are not familiar with the word, opa: it is an exclamation of joy used by the Greeks at various celebrations. We attended a huge Greek festival in our area this evening where the music, dance, good food and jubilant atmosphere was the perfect way for us to celebrate a tremendously successful and satisfying week.

Rowan reached many milestones over this last week and we are very proud of him. Not only did he bravely take on the challenge of going to school for the first time, he actually reached the point where he enjoyed it and wanted to go back. School has been really good for him. He has become very confident in just the last two weeks. He used to shy away from kids at the playground, but this week I witnessed a very confident little boy standing his ground as a few older kids tried to push their way through where he was standing. He also copied some of what they were doing and inspired another little girl to do what he was doing.

He also learnt how to jump. Yes, jump. He has been trying to jump for a while now and finally all the hard work seems to have paid off. He even says jump with a smile as he lifts both his feet off the ground.

Then we had some success at potty training too. Rowan actually asked (gestured) to use the potty. He did great!

Lately he has also been able to keep himself busy and best of all, he has learnt to tidy up when he is done playing.

So after an especially challenging yet rewarding week and a long day of watching and helping Dad complete our deck/stairs we felt we had reason to celebrate and decided to go to the Greek festival. We enjoyed the music and traditional dance. Rowan could not contain his excitement and ended up dancing too. His new dance is very cute. He jumps to the beat of the music and claps his hands when it stops. It was lovely to watch. The food was great and the atmosphere was something I have never experienced elsewhere. Fantastic! Opa!
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  1. Opa and congratulations on such a tremendous week :)