Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tonight we attended our very first school picnic at Rowan's school. We got to meet other parents and their families.

One of Rowan's classmates, a very sweet and well-behaved little boy, has been keeping his Mom up to date on Rowan's progress at school. She said she was so relieved to hear from her little boy that Rowan was settling in well at school and not crying anymore. I laughed when I heard this, because this was the same little boy that, when Rowan was crying in the class, would very casually cover his ears with his hands and wait for Rowan to stop crying. He didn't say a word to Rowan. He just calmly sat there and waited for the noise to stop. I think he knew what Rowan felt like at that point in time because a half and hour earlier, Rowan and this little friend of his were the only ones standing at the edge of the playground crying non-stop for over twenty minutes. And tonight, after a whole month of school these two boys were running around as if they owned the place and two pairs of parents were very glad to see it.

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  1. Hi, this news brough tears of joy to my eyes. I am so pleased that he has settled and has a friend. If he is like his father, they will remain friens for a very long time. Hugs to you all for staying on track. xxx