Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Have you ever noticed just how many round objects we are surrounded by in our daily lives? You mean you haven't given it much thought lately? Well, it seems that Rowan has.

A few weeks ago Rowan started looking for clocks - round faced clocks in particular. Everywhere we went he would find a clock and tell us about it by pointing and saying "gock." Driving through the streets downtown, he would search the tops of buildings to see if he could spot a clock. While dining with Richard in one of the local restaurants he was looking around and amazingly spotted a clock hanging on the wall in the kitchen. His story books also have an amazing number of clocks in them.

Then as time passed he moved on from the circular clock to the spherical ball. Now when we drive around he spots balls everywhere. This morning on the way to school, he pointed out the window towards the sky and said "ball!" At first I couldn't understand what he was seeing because the sky was covered in clouds and when you don't acknowledge that you see the same thing he is seeing, he keeps repeating the word. "Ball!. Ball!!. Ball!!!" - each one getting louder and higher in pitch. Then I saw it. There it was. The biggest ball I have ever seen, resting on six tall legs - the water tower! Less than a minute later we were driving past a very rectangular building and again he got excited about the ball. I had to look carefully and finally spotted the spherical lamp shades on top of the light posts. We even saw a hot air balloon.

Just imagine if we could get our hands on an atomic force microscope that will allow Rowan to see the spheres present in the tiniest of molecules or perhaps a view through the Hubble telescope revealing billions and billions of sparkly balls floating about. I think I know what his reaction might be. Yup, all this boy would say to that is: "Look! Ball!" And he would be perfectly accurate in his observations.
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