Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There are many knowledgeable people that are of the opinion that saying 'no' to a child too often will not only become an ineffective deterrent but also will encourage the child to start using the word more often. So I have been trying not to say 'no' all the time but you know, it really is hard when for instance he is backing into the coffee table where a hot mug of coffee is just waiting to be spilled or perhaps when he runs out into the parking lot. Then there was the time when he nearly grabbed hold of a very hot stove top. Now I know that saying 'no' in these instances is perfectly acceptable, the problem comes in when near disasters happen too often and saying 'no' becomes a habit. So I guess what I am trying to say is that I say 'no' way too often and am beginning to sound like a broken record (or maybe a scratched CD.) Rowan proved that to me this evening.

This evening I happened upon a little boy perched on his table in our kitchen. It would not have occurred to me that he was doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing if it wasn't for the "No! Uh-uh! No! Uh-uh! No! Uh-uh!" coming from him in an almost taunting manner. I could not believe my ears! This almost three year old little boy was deliberately doing something he knew I wouldn't like to get my attention and then when I didn't notice it at first he began with the taunt. I am flabbergasted! At such a young age! What are we going to do when this kind of behaviour is no longer cute? Deep breath... Sigh!
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  1. Far too often both Shad and I cannot suppress a giggle when the kids are doing something inappropriate, but also cute and funny at the same time. Probably this is not good parenting, either. Sigh. Well, Jaime and I were talking the other day and both agreed that even though we screw up tremendously with our children, we're still the best ones for the job.
    Oh, and here's a funny poem:
    The more the yeses, the fewer the nos,
    the better the day goes!
    Have a lovely "yes" day tomorrow!