Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We Need Your Input Please

Rowan has always been very picky when it comes to food, but over the past year he has become even more so. We started this year with a fairly decent list of foods that Rowan likes to eat, but I am afraid that the list is getting shorter by the day. Seriously. We are down to yogurt, cheese, hot dogs (he eats them cold) and or corn chips for dinner and that is just not going to keep us healthy and strong now is it?

The biggest problem we are having is that he refuses to try anything new. I am sure he must be very bored with his limited selection of foods. I can understand that. I just wish we could get him to try some of the food that Richard and I eat at dinner time. I am sure that once he has tasted it he would like it.

Do any of you have some ideas for us?
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  1. Cook with him, would he be more interested to eat the pizza or spaghettis he actually made with you? he could also help with cutting (or peeling) veggies and fruit, let him wash grapes, will he actually eat a few while doing it? peel carrots? have apples cut and peeled and he could cut little pieces with a normal eating knife (that doesn't cut much) Mia and Ella keep sampling all the foods they help prepare and get a good portion in that way. Does he like samples at Krogers?
    Come over to have him eat with us, even if he only does it here and not at home he will have some decent food in his belly... :-) Good luck, I know it's tricky. Anke

  2. Thanks Anke. I think we should try preparing the food with him helping. He is just not quite getting the idea with cutting yet, but if we keep trying it might work. Eating with other kids is also a good idea. We'll have to try and arrange that. Thanks. He used to enjoy sample bread from kroger but now even that isn't good enough. I am actually quite happy about that with all these germs virusses going around at the moment. I will also add that he has been feeling a little under the weather so hopefully when he is feeling better we can give all these things a go. Thanks Anke. You are always the first to respond and I appreciate all your comments and input.

  3. Does he like the cheese and meet at Krogers? with the little toothpick it should be as germ safe as it gets these days...

    Do you have any play knifes? If you peel an apple and also slice it, you really only need to press on it to get a piece of, so it's not dangerous. that's the only raw thing we let Mia cut. have you tried eating a snack with toothpicks (pieces of fruit, cheese). With fun "utensils" it might be more interesting... (you can also do a "cheers" and clong you things together before you eat it. What about making a shake and he can put things in there himself and pour it in his little cups and choose the color of the straw... We have done it all, even though Mia and Ella's range of food is bigger, we still have times we struggle. also they say to look at a toddlers food over a week (which with Rowans choices right now isn't great...)

  4. Well well, given the opportunity to give my opinion and now I don't even have one :) Hope you guys figure something out! Good luck sis!!!

  5. I guess you figured out that he was getting pickier because he was sick. He just wanted some of his comfort foods! He probably won't be ver hungry while he's sick, but if he's getting fluids he should do well. I bought some Mott's Ice Pops made with 100% fruit juice at Costco. The kids have been loving those while they are sick...they get tired of drinking. I remember also that you were interested in oils...I'm happy to show you what I use and how. You can browse what they have at youngliving.us...let me know if you want to order something and I can help.