Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Conductor

Although Rowan spent a large amount of time hopping in and out of buses and trains today, it is actually the conducting of music that is the topic of this post.

After a morning of fun spent amongst a wooden train, bus, tractor, rocket, ship and lots of farm animals we retreated to our playroom with our friend, Olivia, to make some music.

At first we all just chose an instrument and played it in whichever way we pleased. After a while of making the biggest noise possible I decided to introduce a little game. In the midst of our rhythm making I suddenly said "Stop!" and everyone froze in place - silence. Then we started up again. Rowan thought this was great and we repeated this play a few times.

It wasn't long before Rowan took the lead and started telling Olivia and I when to stop playing by lifting his drumsticks/maracas/batons to vertical positions signalling us to stop playing. Then he would start beating the drum again and we could join in. At one point however, just after the stop signal, he shook the maraca in his right hand and I started shaking the shakers I was holding and when he stopped I stopped. He then tried it with his left hand while looking at Olivia and she started up with her instruments. And that was the start of a possible career in conducting for Rowan. He was doing a fantastic job. He even stopped and chose new instruments for us. He conducted the play for a very long time - starting and stopping Olivia and I at separate intervals. I was so impressed by the initiative he took and the fact that he felt so comfortable in leading us through this fun activity.

Please excuse me if it seems like I am bragging. I really don't mean to sound boastful. I just wanted to share my astonishment with all of you.

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  1. I think you said, that "Music together" is the music program at his pre school. The stopping and starting without saying stop is actually part of the program and kids really like it. they learn quickly in a big group to stop, it's kind of fun to watch.
    similar is when the adults stop singing a song and wait for a kid to continue, even the little ones manage to continue in the right tune.
    try it with a song he knows, just stop before the last word. Anke