Monday, October 5, 2009

Over the weekend Rowan showed a renewed interest in bugs. On Saturday he spotted a bug on the window and called me over. It was quite a big bug so we were able to see it's legs, eyes and mouth. I pointed them out to Rowan and he watched the bug move around for quite a while.

Ever since, he has been calling me over to look at every little bug he finds. So now when I hear "Buggy!" in an excited high pitch screech, I know what to expect and always hope that it would again just be a bug of the harmless variety. Luckily, the bugs that drew his attention this afternoon were just some very cute ladybugs that hitched a ride from the nursery to our front yard along with the rest of the trees we bought.

Shortly after inspecting the ladybugs, two planes flew by and when Rowan saw them he felt inspired to run across the lawn, arms stretched out shouting: "Flying!" as he turned one way and then the other swooping his wings through the cool evening air.

Later on our neighbours popped by for a visit. Rowan was quite happy when he saw them walking across the road and went out to meet them. Here they are having some fun in the sand box.

All in all we had a good day. We are loving the weather and are trying to make the best out of every little bit of mild weather we have left. Winter is fast approaching and although we are looking forward to the cozy warmth of our home during the long Winter months we would still like for autumn to stick around for just a little while longer.
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