Monday, October 26, 2009

Can I Have One?

Up on the very top shelf of our pantry dwells a container filled with sweet fruit jellies. The packages are brightly coloured and made of "Real fruit." (That's what it says at least.) As you can well imagine, it is something that people and especially toddlers should really have limited access to.

As you know, we have been trying to get Rowan to talk a little more clearly, and since he has to ask for these yummy treats way up there, I thought of teaching him to say an entire sentence. So when he gestures with his hands in the direction of the jellies I ask him to tell me what he wants. The first time we did this I asked him to repeat my words so I said: "Can I have one?" His first response to that went along the lines of "Gobaboba." When asked to repeat something he tries to get it over and done with and basically says whatever sounds happen to be produced by his mouth at the time. At least he puts effort into getting the rhythm of the sentence right. I appreciate his effort and usually keep pushing for some better word forming by saying one word and having him repeat it. As soon as he gets the word right we move onto the next one. Sometimes even after the third try he is still really battling with the sounds and then I let him off the hook for trying so hard.

"Can I have one" is a sentence we have been practicing for a while now and it still cracks me up every time and here is why:
Elaine: Rowan, say can.
Rowan: Can.
Elaine: I.
Rowan: Eye (as he closes his eyes tightly.)
Elaine: Have
Rowan: Soh
Elaine: No. Hhaavve.
Rowan: Ssoh.
Rowan: Hah.
Elaine: OK. Now say, one.
Rowan: Two.
Elaine: No. One.
Rowan: Two.
Elaine: No. One.
Rowan: Ohm.
Elaine: OK. That's good enough for today. Here you go. Now say: Can I have a bowl?
Rowan: Bowl.
I find it amusing because Rowan always starts to count at "two." In fact when he counts it is always "two, two, two!" in place of "One, two, three." But who knows? Maybe he really means to say that he wants two of those delicious packets of sweets. Sometimes when I try to get him to say "want" he also says "two" and Richard and I can't help but giggle just a little bit.

Going through this learning experience with Rowan is lots of fun. Hard work, but fun when you pay attention. The other night when I came walking up to him and his Dad he cheerfully yelled out: "It's the bomb! Mom! Mom!" Sometimes a little slip like that can be flattering. What Mama wouldn't love to be referred to as the bomb every now and again?
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