Thursday, October 29, 2009

The reason for the mysterious non-eating kid.

So it has come to pass that Rowan has contracted the dreaded Croup! That was probably why he didn't want to eat anything earlier this week, 'cos he was getting sick.
You see, we really don't know much about this parenting thing. We're just learning as we go along. Just like every other parental unit since the first cavebaby was delivered by the first cave-stork to the first caveman and cavewoman. Boy, now those guys must have been confused when the little squirt started barking like a seal.
Although, of course, I am speaking for myself. Elaine insists that she does know lots about being the good Mommy. Actually I would agree with her, and not just 'cos of that big heavy frying pan in her hand.
In the meantime Rowan is being a really tough little kid, he is able to handle the horrible coughs and splutters without much fuss. Sometimes he gets very frustrated with it all but he hardly ever calls for us at night. (However, this is written before we go to bed so I hope I don't have to eat these words tomorrow.)
Today Elaine had to keep the little bundle of crouped-up (Ha-ha) energy calm, and that must have been quite a task. She's a great Mom.
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