Saturday, October 31, 2009

1.5 P

I know I told you all that I will be taking a break from this blogging thing over the weekends, but sometimes something really interesting or funny might happen that I might want to share with you and as I told Richard a few seconds ago: "I make the rules so that I can break them" so if I want to write a post on a Saturday night at 11:42 pm I can.

So something really funny happened this morning. After a fairly rough night of coughing and drinking gallons of water, Rowan got out of bed and came looking for me in our room. I noticed his sleep sack/sleeping bag (which he was still in) was dragging a little more than usual but thought nothing more of it. We made our way down stairs and it was time for Rowan to get dressed. I unzipped the sleep sack and much to my surprise Rowan wasn't wearing a diaper! How weird I thought until I looked down only to find that his drenched diaper had dropped to his ankles! I couldn't help but laugh. I mean what kind of parents would allow their child's diaper to get so wet that it actually falls down!? Anyway, it was so heavy that I did something even more weird... I weighed it - 1.5 pounds!
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  1. hehehehehe - super gross :) Luckily it was only wet, otherwise Rowan might have needed a new sleeping bag...

  2. Oh Lollos! You just had to go there now didn't you. LOL!