Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Standing on a wooden fence, leaning with his back against his Gran's shoulder, Rowan caught his first real glimpse of an elephant today. I stood back and watched them watching the elephants. I saw his face gently change expression as he looked on and wondered about these Asian giants before him. I saw the contented smile on his Gran's face as she held him tight and enjoyed this very special moment with him. After a while I turned to look back at the elephants and was surprised to see one looking straight at us. As I pointed it out to Rowan, the elephant started walking towards us. Gran and I got excited and Rowan... well... he didn't like the idea AT ALL and would have leaped out of his Gran's arms if she wasn't holding him so securely. Gran managed to calm him down just enough to watch the elephant turn and walk in the other direction. It's a moment we will certainly remember for quite some time to come.

Our day was filled with so many special moments and I wish I had the time and energy to share them all with you. One I do need to mention, however, was about a boy and a train.

Rowan has been exposed to trains all his life through story books, movies, toys and photographs but has never had the chance to actually get on and take a ride until today. When Rowan saw the miniature train at the zoo he seemed excited and then the excitement turned to a kind of thoughtfulness about this dream that has suddenly worked it's way into his reality. We bought some tickets and went twice around the zoo. For the duration of the trip this little boy of ours was just sitting there very quietly, taking it all in. Not excited. Not afraid. Just thoughtful about the whole thing. It must be wonderful to see this world of ours through the eyes of a child. Can you imagine!?

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  1. I love looking at pictures of Denise and Rowan, he is really going to miss her when she comes back.Cornelia