Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rowan has really become quite the clown lately. He knows what to do to make us laugh and he even has the innate ability to wait for our laughter or applause before moving on to the next act.

His performances are simple really - almost minimalist in a way but oh so effective. Mostly because he leaves us wondering: "Now where did that come from?" That question pertains to more than just the specific act at that moment - it also applies to which parents' genes are at work behind the scenes. I know the answer to that question since I have been around Richard for many many years now and I recognise that kind of humour from a long way away.

I guess this makes me a very lucky lady. When I feel sad, worried or upset I can always count on my guys to cheer me up.
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  1. It's soo funny, when they start their personal kind of humor. Ella seems to have that even more than Mia. Anke