Saturday, June 13, 2009

We woke up bright and early this morning and headed off to one of our favourite street fairs. It was quite a long drive and we were very excited to get to see what interesting hand made products were on offer. Rowan, of course, was interested in everything around him. A stone pillar, a fire truck, dogs taking their owners for a walk and even the trees got his attention.

We knew we were in for a morning of walking and I must mention that I was very impressed by Rowan's stamina. He walked along with us for most of the morning and didn't even complain when wagon loads of little kids his age were being comfortably pulled along by their parents while he had to walk.
There were lots of interesting articles for sale and Rowan keenly engaged with every object that caught his attention. We had to run and intervene when he came to the stall that sold only pottery. We got there just in time.

Slowing down to rest and take in all the ambiance was something we did quite frequently. I just love seeing my guys sitting side by side.

Then it was time for some well deserved ice-cream. Just imagine how much Rowan enjoyed that bite!

In the afternoon after a nice long nap we decided to walk down our road and across the street to check in on the farm animals at the red barn. I am almost sure that Rowan enjoyed this even more than our morning at the fair.

How about that great big smile?!

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  1. I was very jealous, that you got to go to the Fair, but it would have been nuts with two little kids and they had quite a good time at Horse Camp...
    Isnt' that little farm down the street great, I love it, almost like having elephants in your back yard... :-) Anke

  2. :) Richard says to tell you that it is much better than the elephants in the back yard especially when it comes to cleaning the "litter box". Oh Richard... :)