Sunday, June 14, 2009

A couple of days ago I mentioned how amazing it was to see just how much Rowan has grown over the last month but neglected to highlight the particular instances that caught my attention.

There are the small things such as the way in which he seems to really think about and plan what to do next when moulding his play dough. These photos were taken today. See the textures in the dough? Well, he noticed it too and was quite impressed by his creations.

He has also learnt how to fill his glass with water and how to kick a ball in a predetermined direction. Another skill that he has acquired is to retrieve grass seed from a bag in the garage along with the seed spreader. He then puts the seed in the spreader and starts cranking as fast as he can.

There are many many more little things that I have noticed about his development but the one thing that has made the biggest impression on me is his laugh. Before I left for South Africa he still only really giggled through his teeth at things that amused him. Now, he really laughs from deep within his belly. Divine.

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