Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Welcome Home Tour

Hi everyone! I'm back! It's been a long time since I have been home and able to spend time with my little one and I must admit that after being away for over a month it is almost as if I have to get to know him all over again. I guess he feels the same way about me. We are both obviously still the same people we were thirty some days ago, yet we have both grown in so many ways.

I was nervous about meeting him again after such a long time and wondered how he would react when he first saw me. Of course our reunion turned out to be a sweet and beautiful event. When Rowan saw me from a distance it took him a few seconds to realise what was happening and as soon as he recognised me he smiled and ran over for a great big hug while I cried tears of joy. I could not have asked for more. What a day!

Well, that was yesterday. Today, Rowan took me on a tour of our now beautifully lush green garden. He very excitedly pulled me along with him. First we had to look at the peas and of course also taste them. I think we ate them all. They were delicious.

The tour revealed that this household has been very busy in my absence. Richard planted over twenty new trees and they have added some colour too. Rowan encouraged me to lean in and smell the flowers by gently pulling me in toward them. These are the moments we need to remember. The simple pleasures of exploring the garden lead by a tiny two year old is something very special indeed.

My mother has always loved tending to her garden and today as I walked through our garden with Rowan at my side I couldn't help but think of her. I know she would have enjoyed this walk even more than I did. We need to plant some roses. Yes. Good idea.
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