Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A warm sunny day means: water play!
Take a good look in and around the pool. All those objects can be re imagined when water comes into the picture. Hours of entertainment. Oh yes! Do you see the hose in Rowan's hand? Well, let me tell you, he keeps us on our toes when he gets hold of it. He just loves aiming it at the boring adults wandering around him and seeing them jump and hearing them scream every time a drop so much as touches them. The look on his face a precious.

Richard bought this shirt for Rowan while I was away. I think it is great! Pow! What a brilliantly apt slogan for a two year old boy to be wearing. Pow! As in bursts of energy or perhaps the sound things make when you bang them together. It could also be the imagined sound when those tiny arms come swinging down onto your belly when you least expect it. Pow!

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