Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rowan will be starting preschool later in the year and we had to complete some application forms today. One of the questions on the form was to describe his personality by listing ten adjectives so Richard, Gran and I got to work on our lists and finally came up with the following:

Rowan is happy, bright, humorous, attentive, independent, confident in his abilities, fastidious, careful, well-behaved and sensitive.

The list could have been much longer of course but I think we managed to break it down quite well. I must admit it did feel rather strange to describe him in this way for he is so much more than just a string of adjectives. I did, however, enjoy taking the time to reflect on the person that he has become and couldn't help but wonder just how much this beautiful little being would grow and change as he faces all that life has in store for him.
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