Thursday, June 25, 2009

We went to a very familiar place this morning. I think Rowan was quite glad to finally be taken back to this playground since he has been pointing at it every time we drive past saying: "There! There!"

It has been well over a month since I have seen this little guy navigate through this particular obstacle course and I was surprised by the progress he has made. He is now able to climb up the climbing wall unassisted and even attempts to slide down the pole. Gran was patiently teaching him how to go through a particularly tricky obstacle while I got to play with my camera. I got a few action shots of the two of them and will share them with you here.

Rowan has been practicing his flying leaps lately. Yes! Flying leaps!It started by him piling couch cushions on top of each other, climbing on them, where he would then fall into our arms below and when I say fall I mean fall with his body in a horizontal position. Kind of like Superman when he flies.This morning at the playground he saw the opportunity to really add some height to his training and was falling into our arms from a platform very high up. I was wondering whether he would still try to fall down if there was no-one to catch him so I stood back and held my arms to my side. I was very pleased when I realised that he wouldn't do something that irresponsible. Or so I thought.

This afternoon he was playing around with the couch cushions and decided to stack them again, only this time the base was the couch and not the floor which means he added some height to his construction.Gran was with him at the time and thought nothing of this until he started climbing on this tower. Still there was no real need for alarm since he has done this sort of thing many times before. No one would have ever expected him to do what he did next. He stood up nice and straight and then decided to dive/fly without anything to break his fall but the floor. Luckily Gran was able to stop him just in time. Thanks Gran.
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