Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Morning at the "Beach" :)

This morning I decided to treat Rowan and his Gran by taking them for a walk at our version of the beach. Bare in mind it is smack bang in the middle of Ohio, so don't expect dramatic photos of waves crashing against giant boulders or dolphins splashing about in the surf. Nope. Nothing like that, but special in it's one unique way.

I appreciated the peace and calm at the beach on this oh so moody day while Rowan delighted in the fact that there were some earth moving equipment running up and down the beach. There was also a big black Labrador that came to see what Rowan was up to. Then we enjoyed going from one swing to the next. You have to try them all you know! The slide was super high and charged Rowan with an amazing amount of static electricity which turned catching him at the bottom into a whole new experience.

This was a great way to start our day and I am glad to report that the rest of our day went by just as peacefully. Oh! How I love this boy!

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