Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What do you get when Mom wants to draw and Boy wants to play with play dough? It's super-lumpy-psychedelic-moo-cow!

We stayed in today and had to get creative with our time.

The photos below are from yesterday. I thought I would include them with today's post because they are evidence for my case against going outside while it is cold and wet. Yes, we ventured out into the cold again yesterday but this time it was just a little muddier and colder than the last time and every time I urged Rowan to please come inside he would not move from that great big mound of mud. Since I was not prepared to go climbing in there myself we ended up staying out there for exactly as long as Rowan wanted to.

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  1. Yeah, he is getting muddy!!! (Guess who...?) :-)

  2. Oh no! I don't want to have to guess :( I really don't like being wrong. But if I have to I will have to guess either Jaime or Anke.

  3. Jaime! That's my final answer.