Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rowan and Elaine's Kentucky Adventure

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? I guess it was if you consider that at some point today we found ourselves standing just about 2 feet away from some man-eating sharks! Sharks in Kentucky? Well, yes. We went to the Newport Aquarium which is situated right across the Ohio river (the border between Ohio and Kentucky.)

Rowan absolutely loved it. He was in awe of all the colours, and different shapes and sizes of the fish. I let him guide us most of the way and it was really interesting to watch his reactions as he ran up to the various tanks in the exhibit. I could see the intense excitement in his eyes. Every now and again there would be a "wow" coming from his direction. It was a pleasant experience for both of us and we will definitely be going back there in the not too distant future.

An added bonus to this little excursion was the fact that we got to see a little bit of the city too. Rowan was impressed by the big bridges and buildings on our way to the aquarium, so we spent some time outside enjoying the view of Cincinnati across the river. The perfect end to fun day out.

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