Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rowan and I were playing in his room today. I was sitting on the floor about a metre away from him. He was holding one of his small toy cars. I guess he suddenly thought that holding the car in such a tight grip for just one moment longer is asking way too much of him so he decided to fling it across to where I was sitting and hit me right in the face. It didn't really hurt but I thought it might hurt someone else if he were to do it again so I decided to pretend to be hurt so that he can witness the consequences of his actions. I covered my face with my hands and gave a few whimpers as I wondered what his reaction might be. To my surprise when I opened my eyes Rowan was almost standing right on top of me with those big blue eyes looking right through me with great concern. As we gazed into each others eyes he decided to give me a great big kiss! As if that weren't enough to make all my troubles disappear he leaned in and hugged me for what felt like eternity. What bliss!

The rest of my day was spent thinking about South Africa and the people that I miss so dearly. So in honour of my nostalgic and contemplative mood I will post some of my favourite photos from our most recent trip.

Please allow me to introduce my mom, Tess, my father, Floris and my sister, Yolande.

Here Rowan is seen with his gran, Denise and grandfather, Bob. And do you see what I see? Richard actually looks like he is enjoying the task of sorting the washing.

We miss you all and hope to see you soon.
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