Friday, February 20, 2009

Music class? What a great idea!

As we arrived at the music class for the first time I could already sense Rowan's objection to the whole affair. He would not part with his goldfish crackers, his shoes or his coat and this is usually not a good sign.

We introduced ourselves and everyone gathered round in a great big circle. The class was very well presented and everyone was in good humour - all except little Rowan. Rowan insisted that him and I just stand off to the side and watch the others for a while. This was fine but as soon as we moved closer he objected and we moved back to the safe zone again. I am not entirely sure why a formalised setting such as a group of people sitting in a circle offends him so much. He does very well when he has to socialise in informal settings regardless of how many strangers there might be. He also seemed to really not like the actual singing portions of the class. He loved the instrumental part when all the participants could pick percussion instruments to play along with the music and he did! Then the singing started again and it was time for us to leave the circle again.

Perhaps you people out there have some idea as to why he might react in this way. Is it that he is picking up on my anxiety? Is it because he was the only boy in a room full of girls? Is it because boys prefer bashing things to singing? Perhaps he is more of an independant kind of kid and doesn't like to follow the crowd dare I say he follows the beat of his own drum? :)

Whatever it is, I am going to see if it will get better with more exposure to the situation, so we will definitely be going back there. At least he gets excited by the idea of a drum.

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