Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rowan was feeling a little under the weather today and the weather was, well, not that great either. Even though we decided to stay indoors Rowan kept fetching his snow shoes hoping to convince me that all that mud and cold wind would in fact not be so bad after all. I did not budge and had to try and think of a few little diversions to keep him entertained. The first of which was to place a call to his Ouma. He is quite the chatterbox these days.

He did however find that Paparazzi Mom can be a little annoying as she desperately tries to capture the moment.

The next distraction came in the form of "Rowan, where's Mia?". I knew quite well where she was and I think she would have preferred it if I had kept that little secret to myself.

From cozy cat to...

... disappearing act! Ha ha! Get it? ACT...CAT? No? Got it now?

Having a toddler around the house is a blessing for many reasons but today the constant reminder that you should really still try to have fun even when you are feeling blue is a lesson well taken.
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  2. hiiiiiiiiiiii elaine and rowan...

    he is sooooooooo cute. and he really looks like he's saying: now really mom, i kno ur my number one fan and everything, but like, can't a guy speak on the phone without the flash in my face?!

    i think he already knows his cute :P


  3. Hi Shafs, yip he knows his cute and he knows I adore him so he gets away with a lot :)I will let him know that he now has another adoring fan. Hopefully it won't go to his head.

  4. I tell you what... its okay if it goes to his head for now. We'll let him have his moment. And we start reprimanding him after his.... 50th birthday?? :P


  5. Oh Elaine he is just so darn cute.