Sunday, February 15, 2009

As I was preparing our snack today I became aware of a silence. A silence that can basically be defined as the absence of giggles, screeching and the pitter-patter of toddler feet. Immediately I wondered what exactly this could mean. What is he up to now? I was sure I was going to find him sitting in the corner of his playroom eating the play dough or perhaps he is secretly unpacking the sewing box. With eyes wide open and ears attuned to every little sound I start walking to where I saw him last. Wait... what was that? A quiet mumbling coming from somewhere over there! "Where's Rowan?" I say out loud. There it is again. I can't make out the exact words but I know it came from my left. I turned to look and at first did not see that little boy but then... there they were... two short little legs sticking out from under the curtain. I remember thinking "Aah! How sweet!". This was the first time that Rowan actually initiated hide and go seek. I am so proud :)

We continued the game as parents and toddlers have always done. "Where's Rowan?" followed by the tiny voice giggling and eventually revealing a huge smile from behind the curtain. And so it went over and over again.

I don't think I will ever get tired of this game.

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  1. Elaine, jy besef natuurlik dat jy NOOIT sonder jou kamera kan wees nie, want dink net wat jy mag mis? Nog iets waaraan ek gedink het, behalwe die "Time Capsule", is dat jy ook elke dag moet kreatief wees, wat betref julle aktiwiteite, wat goed is vir jou en vir hom! Lucky, lucky little boy! Cornelia

  2. Ja jy is heeltemal reg! Dit is baie goed vir my want ek kan nogal so bietjie lui wees as dit kom by verskillende aktiwiteite en het iets soos die blog nodig om my te motiveer. Gelukkig is daar ook soveel oulike oomblikke deur die dag danksy Rowan dat dit darem nie te moeilik is om iets spesiaals te vind om met julle te deel nie :)