Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feeling much better today, Rowan was having fun with everything he could get his hands on. A treasure chest full of sea shells transported us (well... me) from the kitchen table right to the water's edge. Is that a seagull overhead? A gust of wind! Gasp! No really... the wind is extremely gusty today which is why the house had to be turned into an adventure playground. In fact it doesn't even resemble a house anymore :) Somebody is going to have to tidy it all up again...Sigh! However, watching Rowan move happily from one seemingly mundane activity to the next reminds me that every moment has the potential of becoming a moment of discovery and joy when we allow ourselves to encounter our environment with childlike wonderment and enthusiasm. Perhaps I'll keep that in mind tonight as I head up the rescue team that will tidy up the debris left behind by hurricane Rowan.
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  1. This was fun to read! Haha! Hurricane Rowan, hey...

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  3. I'm so glad Rowan is feeling better. He sure looks happy and healthy. By the way, DON'T just gets messy again.