Thursday, February 19, 2009

There are two things that I would like to share with you today. One is a funny little story about how mothers know everything and the other is just a little something about Rowan's general development.

Let's start with the funny. Rowan was sitting in his high chair playing with his play dough tools. It is basically a box filled with lots of small things that you can use to mold and cut etc. After playing for about 3o minutes or so he suddenly decided that he needed to get down from the chait immediately. I noticed two small discs in his hand. They were colourful and just about the right size to fit in his mouth... mothers know these things. I thought "Aha! I know what you are planning Mister. You are going to find a hiding place and when you think I am not looking you are going to snack on those little discs, aren't you?" I brought him down from the chair anyway because I wanted to test my theory and sure enough as soon as I put him down he crawled under the kitchen table. He realised that I was still watching him so the next thing I see is his little hand sticking out from under the table waving at me. Was I supposed to just wave goodbye and walk off? I guess so but I didn't. I stayed and waved back at him. He smiled a shy little smile and started raising himself off the ground slowly so that his head would get closer to the underside of the table making it impossible for me to see him while I am standing up. This was fun. I said: "Rowan, I know what you are doing and I am watching you!" as I bent further down. He didn't quite know what to do with himself and ended up turning his head away from me to put the little discs in his mouth. When he turned back and saw me looking at him he giggled and opened his mouth so that I could come in and extract the soggy wet discs from his smiling little face.

The next little bit is really just something new for Rowan. Over the past two years he has collected many many stuffed toy animals and he never really paid much attention to them. Today however he had lots of fun with them. The photos below show how he likes to cover himself with them. He also hugs them and then passes them on to me for even more hugging. Then of course he also likes to throw them around as boys tend to do. At one point he had them all lined up in a row where he lay down in front of them, looked them straight in the eyes and mumbled a long sentence. I would love to have understood that.
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  1. Mmh.... hugging soft toys and passing them on to you...........he wants a little or sister.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cornelia

  2. Im reading this post and giggling... but im also thinking how awesome this will be one day when he's old enough to read all of these posts!!!! :)))))))

    love n light..


  3. Ha ha ha Cornelia! I was actually lucky enough to be in the presence of a little new born today... ah she was so sweet and beautiful... but, no, I don't think we could handle another little one... I just wish I could step back in time and do it all over again though :)