Saturday, February 21, 2009

IKEA to the Rescue!

We have run into a slight problem concerning Rowan's toys - he has a lot of them and for a while now they have been put away in storage boxes with limited access. So some more practical storage was necessary and the obvious answer to this problem was IKEA. For those of you who don't live in North America or Europe, IKEA is a great big showroom/wharehouse that stocks just about anything you might ever need for your house or apartment. The best part is the fact that the products are all very contemporary in design and quite affordable.

We ended up getting a shelving system for Rowan's playroom and today was the day for assembly. Rowan helped his Dad of course while I packed away all of his toys neatly in containers ready to be places in the shelves.

After everything was neatly packed away, Rowan did what I guessed he might do but really hoped that he wouldn't...


Since I was in charge of relocating his toys I thought it a good idea to finally get rid of some of the toys that he no longer plays with - the toys that I have been hanging onto for sentimental reasons - the toys he played with as a baby. But how am I just supposed to let go? This is what I did. I thought to myself that the only reason for keeping a toy is to preserve a memory or feeling that I have attahed to the toy. Perhaps I didn't need the actual toy to take me back to that wonderful place, perhaps a photograph of that toy will do exactly the same. I think it will do just fine. So without further adu we say thank you and good bye.

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  1. trying to post another comment...
    we have the some IKEA shelves, we love them, very sturdy, as Ella and Mia love climbing... Anke