Monday, August 3, 2009

Two of Rowan's favourite stores are Lowes (a gigantic hardware store) and Target (a department store with aisles and aisles stocked with toys).

Today I needed to go to Kohls (a clothing store) and dragged my poor little guy along. It just so happens that in order to get to Kohls you have to drive past Lowes and Target. I have mentioned before how Rowan always wants me to take him to Lowes and how he moans when I don't turn into that particular parking lot. So today he did the same thing. At first sight of the hardware store Rowan's eyes lit up and as he realised that we were not going there, he just groaned a little. So now we were heading for Target, well, so he thought and once again he seemed quite excited by the idea. This time, however when he realised we were in fact driving past it, he sighed a very loud: "Oh no!" as he threw his face into both his hands in utter disgust.

You know, moms should really know better, don't you think? Next time we will leave a little earlier so that we can make a quick stop at Lowes, oh no, wait... Target before we go clothes shopping.
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