Saturday, August 29, 2009

I went to bed last night feeling a little emotional. You see, I have really been missing my Mom lately and with Rowan going to school and my birthday coming up I really would have liked to be able to share some of these exciting events with her. So, this morning as I was waking up, I still did not feel too great, so I stayed in bed for a little while longer.

I knew that Richard and Rowan were up, yet the house was completely silent. I knew they must be outside so I listened very carefully to determine if that was in fact the case. I listened and nothing. Listened some more and again nothing. "I wonder what they are up to?"And then I heard the most heart warming and healing sound in the universe. Rowan was laughing so loud and with such glee that I couldn't help but smile and feel joyful along with him. I got up and that was the start of my day.
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  1. Nothing like a good laugh to start the day!