Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Tuesday today which means the garbage truck comes early in the morning to collect our trash. It also means that Rowan usually wakes up a little earlier because of the sound of that truck stopping and going as it makes it's way down our road.

This morning, however, we had an impressive thunder storm. The rain was pouring down onto our roof and the flashes of light were followed by sharp thunder claps. I thought for sure that all this commotion would wake Rowan up but instead it just seemed to drown the noise of the garbage truck and Rowan slept till much later than usual.

When he finally did wake up and looked out the window he saw all the water running down alongside the road and with much concern asked: "What did you do?"

As for the rest of our day... We spent the entire morning visiting with our friends. Rowan loved trying out all their toys and making a complete mess of their living room. When we arrived back home he was exhausted and went straight to bed for a nice long nap. Again the rain pounding down on the roof above him did not bother him one bit.
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  1. Ahhh. So it's you we have to blame for all of this rain. I should have known....