Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last night, Richard had a brilliant idea: "We should take the boat out on the lake to see the sun rise tomorrow morning." I was immediately taken by this idea and couldn't wait for the alarm to chime at 5 am.

We packed some food and drinks into a cooler. Towels and extra clothing. Camera. Attached the boat and trailer to the car. Now all we needed to do was to wake Rowan.

When Richard entered his room Rowan was still fast asleep despite all the activity downstairs. Richard managed to roll him over to change his diaper without Rowan waking up. In fact the little guy turned back on his side and took one of those deep breaths that seem to say: "Oh just a few minutes longer. I am so comfortable and so happy right now." Nonetheless adventure awaits!

When Rowan opened his eyes he realised that it was still dark outside and managed to point it out to us all the way to the car. He was so excited and because he doesn't really get to spend time outside in the dark too often everything seemed to amaze him. "Wow!" was all we heard for the first couple of minutes. The sweetest of those "wows" was when he spotted a star and said: "There it is!" with a big smile on his face as if he had finally found something he had been looking for.

The lake was calm. The water mirrored the changing sky above and the dark shapes of trees on the horizon. The air was crisp as we slowly puttered along taking in the radiance of this beautiful and blessed morning. As the sun peaked over the trees and graced our cold faces with it's warm rays, the contentment of every member of our little family was palpable and all I could do was to be completely present to this great gift. And Rowan, well, it wasn't long before he jumped up and performed his happy boat dance. Can you feel the happy energy flowing through him onto this picture?

Later on it was time for all of us to stretch our legs so we pulled up onto a small beach complete with fallen tress (i.e. lots of sticks for Rowan) and a picnic bench where we could have our breakfast. Rowan absolutely loved the idea of being able to get off the boat, look around and throw sticks into the water. He also discovered drawing in the sand and was very pleased with himself about that. So there we were. On the beach. Just the three of us in our own little world. It really was wonderful.

I am almost sure the rest of this stories goes something like this: With joy and gratitude they set forth to live their lives to the fullest and lived happily ever after.

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  1. What a beautiful idea, it must have been fun. Can't wait to see the boat, I guess that will have to wait for after Germany. Than we can do the "adult-only unSET wine tasting cruise" ... mmmhhh. :-) anke

  2. What an ideallic way to spend a birthday! Hope you have an exeptional day today! Rowan is way to cute on the boat - I'm sure you'll see a lot of new things once he returns from school in the afternoon's...