Monday, August 10, 2009

Lincoln Logs to the Rescue!

So just what do you do after a nice long nap and an impressive thunder storm? Well, as soon as Dad gets home you run to the door with a great big "Yay! Daddy!" and drag him into the playroom with you where you get to create some awesome wood structures for your little people and of course their cars too!

Richard did most of the building and Rowan lend a helping hand. He actually remembered where to place the posts that support the roof structure from a previous time and in so doing really impressed his Dad. I am sure this post will make Granddad Bob smile too!

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  1. It sure looks like Richard is enjoying his Lincoln log building experience. I'm glad to see that he is sharing so nicely.
    Also, I love that second photo of Rowan. He looks so focused.

  2. Ha ha yes! Rowan was very focussed - he has this way of pushing out his lips when he is concentrating. Richard sticks out his tongue when he is concentrating which is why he's not in the picture :) Sorry Richard ;)Ok, ok, I'm just kidding of course ;)