Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Afternoon in the park with Mom and Dad.

And then, in the evening Rowan received a special surprise in the mail. You see it was Rowan's Granddad's birthday just the other day so he must have decided that Rowan needed a gift too.

Rowan was very excited to see the box with it's pictures of trucks on the front. We were a little concerned about opening it at first because of all the small pieces, but he was so happy about his new toy that we thought we'd see how he would handle it.

He really did a good job of helping his dad put together a big dump-truck. He had the wheels on the axles without being told how to do it and then found the little Lego man's hat, head, body and legs and put them together all by himself too. Soon the truck was complete.

Rowan really loves the Lego creation. I think he likes it more because he saw how it was made from scratch. The rest of the evening the truck went everywhere he did. The little truck driver must have got quite tired of getting in and out of the cab all night!

Thanks Granddad!
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