Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One activity that keeps Rowan and I entertained for a very long time is playing with these wooden trucks on this rug.

The trucks have all undergone some character development over the last few weeks. When we started out all they said were "too too!" and "brrrm!" and now they are having long conversations with each other. Rowan will shout from across town: "Hey! Where you going?" then I will say on behalf of the red dump truck that I am delivering some sand. After delivering the sand I have to go over to Rowan's front loader to get some more sand loaded onto my truck. All the while Rowan is talking. When we are done loading the sand he shouts: "Bye!" and so it goes over and over again. Sometimes I invite him to come along and look at the fish in the ocean or perhaps the camel in the desert (all on the same rug). Lately he has taken the character play one step further and decided that when he is tired the trucks must be tired too and will have to rest along with him. They gladly oblige.

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