Friday, August 21, 2009

Rowan has always enjoyed it when Richard and I would bring one of his animals or dolls to life by making it talk and walk or whatever comes to mind. Today Huckleberry was the chosen one to spend the entire day with us. The three of us, Rowan, Huck and I, played for a very long time in Rowan's playroom, but after a while Rowan really grew tired of it all and with a sigh grabbed Huck by the hand and dragged him over to the living room with him. When I got to the living room Rowan had placed two chairs facing the television - one for Huck and one for himself. He then ran to the pantry and grabbed the tub of mixed nuts which he then shared with his good friend Huck while watching his DVD.

You know what? I think Rowan is just going to love making new friends in school. I think he is ready.

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  1. I love the tow boys sitting there. I had lots of fun yesterday evening. We really need to do that monthly. Anke
    PS: I got Mia a "Dora" life vest at a yard sale today, so you can take us on a ride... :-)