Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting out of Trouble the Easy Way

So they tell me that a two year old will, every so often, want to assert his/her own will whether the parent thinks it's a good idea or not. So, for example, when I ask Rowan not to let the water run from his mouth and onto his shirt, there is a good chance that he might completely ignore me and do it anyway. One thing they failed to tell me about though, was the fact that when said two year old realises that the parent has become quite upset by his/her act of defiance, he/she will act as if it was an accident and seem totally surprised by what had just occurred. Rowan has managed to perfect his performance in this regard and not only does he seem surprised by what he had done, or should I say what must have happened to him, he also adds just enough of the cute factor for me to forgive and forget without any repercussions. He manages all of this through the use of two little words: "Oh dear!" Now imagine those words sounding oh so sweet as they almost melodically accompany the most innocent expression that those two big blue eyes of his can convey.

Gran, I think I remember you saying "oh dear" a couple of times while you were visiting. I think it rubbed off on Rowan. It is just too cute for words. You must be very proud.
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  1. when I heard the Oh Dear story I imediately had to thin of Denise, so I think we know, who to "blame" for this... :-) ANke

  2. LOL! Yes, every time he says "oh dear" an image of Denise (Gran) pops up in my mind.

  3. Denise and I had a good laugh about it yesterday when I went to collect the package you sent for us :)