Thursday, August 13, 2009

It is Thursday evening and I have just returned home from my watercolour painting class. I will admit that after three hours of creative expression and good company, I am not feeling too enthusiastic about staring at the computer screen and trying to recall something special about our day. The truth is that our day has been an ordinary one and nothing new or interesting happened. But when I think of my favourite moment of this day I am excited to share it with you. It was a simple moment but something that warms my heart.

This afternoon Rowan and I were playing with his building blocks. I really got into building a magnificent structure that would house his little people and even some animals too. I was excited to see just how he would enjoy this new creation of ours. Unfortunately he thought it better to just demolish it. All that work and thought gone in an instant! I was already quite tired at this point and upon witnessing the collapse of my handy work I buried my head in my hands and just sat there for a few seconds. Then I noticed Rowan getting really quiet. He gently took hold of my arm and pulled it away from my face ever so slowly. As I looked up into those big blue eyes of his he stepped right up and gave me the gentlest and most loving hug. I just smiled at him and thanked him for his thoughtfulness and told him not to worry, "I was just resting my head."

He stepped back again and went right back to playing with the blocks.
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  1. That is so sweet. All worried about his mama. I have to congratulate you on such dedication to a daily post. I let the computer sit alone after returning home last night while Andy and I sat out on the lawn guessing at constellations.

  2. Taking the time to gaze at the stars is also to be commended! As for my dedication, well, let's just say I am too much of a perfectionist to let one post slip by when I have been keeping at it for so long. It's a curse but you are allowed to make fun of it if you like :)