Thursday, July 16, 2009

When Rowan finds himself alone in a room for just a little while too long, he starts shouting: "Where are you? Where are you?" until someone answers back. Today it was my turn. Rowan and his Gran just disappeared from sight. They were supposed to be playing outside but when I went out to join them I couldn't find them anywhere. I thought that, perhaps, they decided to go back inside and I just didn't notice but things were too quiet around the house for that to be the case. So my heart started to beat a little faster and my mind was reeling. Where could they be? Then I remembered that we have a petting zoo just down the road from us and the tension eased somewhat. I decided to have a look and saw a small white speck walking across the horizon. Can you see the tiny white dot at the base of the trees in the distance?

Apparently Rowan packed up his little truck and started dragging it along the road. With Rowan being super strong, fast and rather heavy these days Gran just had to let him carry on walking after he threw one of those tantrums that turns our sweet two year old boy into a shining example of what can be expected of the "terrible twos."

It was quite a long walk and it was hot and humid outside. Gran and Rowan came back feeling a little exhausted and made themselves comfortable in our living room while I just had to take some more photos of my adorable little guy.

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