Friday, July 17, 2009

Lately we have noticed that Rowan has been getting very good at recognising places and even roads. When we turn onto our favourite country road Rowan immediately starts pointing us in the right direction to one of his favourite play grounds saying: "There! There!" When he spots his destination he excitedly points saying "there" again. When we turn and move toward it he happily exclaims: "Yay!"

So today, we had to go clothes shopping and just happened to drive past the hardware store. Now, I didn't realise that this little boy had already developed such a strong liking for this particular hardware store, but soon found out. As we turned towards the shopping complex he spotted the hardware store and started pointing at it saying a bunch of unrecognisable words with a "there" somewhere in between. We didn't have time for a visit and headed toward the clothing store and oh my was this boy disappointed! He got over it quite quickly and off we went shopping for some clothes. On our way back from the store we had to pass the hardware store again and when Rowan noticed it he looked up and quite seriously said: "Now go."

I was surprised at all the verbal communication of today and also impressed by our son's keen sense of direction and sharp observation skills. Everyday brings something new and I am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next.
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