Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Story Time Surprise

While Rowan and I were browsing around our local bookstore we happened upon a gathering of kids waiting for story time to begin. We have tried to participate in story time a few times before but Rowan never really liked the idea. He has grown and developed since our last attempt and with school starting in a few months time I thought we should give it another try. So we did and I was amazed. He sat through the reading of one whole story. It was a very short story about a cat trying to catch a bird but only ending up with a mouth full of feathers. Rowan was also paying attention to the children and what they were doing. He was absolutely delighted when they started laughing and decided to join in. As soon as the story teller closed the book, Rowan ran off to play with some stuffed animals and that was it for story time. I think perhaps, given Rowan's fascination with cars, trucks and tractors, if the story was about a vehicle of some sort, that Rowan would have sat for a little while longer.
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