Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rowan the Tomato Minder

Our small vegie patch has become a tomato jungle. The peas have come and gone, mostly into Rowan's mouth.
And now Rowan has been very patiently watching the tomatoes grow.
He wanders around to the tomato patch on his own and by the time I get there he is very gently reaching in and touching each tomato. He seems to be counting them or maybe just touching them to check them. Each tomato gets a gentle poke. The ones closer to the edge of the patch get cupped in his hand. All this is very gentle and reverent. He never tugs at them or pokes them too hard.
I'm interested to see what happens when they ripen and he sees he can eat them right off the bush.

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  1. That's really cute, Mia and Ella love our garden, especially the peas and strawberries, as we had a harvest from them. They started playing in our bean tent, 6 stakes in the ground that make a tent and beans growing up on them. It's not too late to make one... :-) Anke