Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today marks the end of a challenging yet amazing chapter in our lives. Rowan's Gran who came many miles across the ocean to support our family during the time of my mother's illness, passing and the aftermath of this tragedy, had to leave today. It is a sad occasion for all of us but we remind ourselves how blessed we were to have shared so many wonderful moments. We have all grown over the last couple of months - not just within ourselves but indeed we have also grown closer to each other and now we are ready to embrace a new chapter. We don't know what the future holds but we will greet every new day with joy, love and appreciation.

Now for some photos from this morning:

Rowan and Gran got to spend some quality time outside this morning before our trip to the airport. Here he is sporting his new carpenters outfit. Colourful, right?

This photo makes me smile... and giggle :)

We will miss you dearly Gran. Thank you for all the love, care and kindness.
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  1. That is quite a cool outfit, I can understand, that you were thrilled to find it ...
    Very sad to see Denise fly back. How amazingly selfless that she came out here to help at a moments notice. I was very impressed with that! and it was also fun to hang out with her some. Anke

  2. Yes, completely selfless and you know what is even more amazing is that when I said that I might have to come to South Africa she immediately offered to fill in here for me for as long as it takes. I didn't even have to ask. We are very lucky to such a remarkable lady as Rowan's Gran.