Monday, July 20, 2009

The County Fair

As I browse through my photos in preparation for today's blog, I realise that I didn't take a single photo of Rowan at the County Fair. It is a pity because this boy was all smiles as we walked through the huge barns housing all kinds of farm animals. He was pointing at them all asking "what's that?" and making other remarks that were hard to discern between all the loud animal sounds. He also latched onto our friend, Anke, in a big way - grabbing her by the hand to go and see the animals. Thanks for the guided tour Anke!

It was an experience rich with all sorts of colours, textures, species, sounds and smells. Rowan loved it. I think Gran enjoyed attending this cultural event and especially liked seeing Rowan's reaction to the animals. I, on the other hand, can only handle little bits of farm at any given time so we didn't stay too long.

Below are a couple of photos of some of the cutest animals we saw today. Aren't they precious?

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  1. I just love the second Llama with his interesting teeth. He was a riot. We had fun, too, but stayed a little longer... :-) ANke