Friday, July 3, 2009

Richard had a brilliant spur of the moment idea for a day trip this morning. We were going to COSI and were very excited. I was especially keen on going since I have never been to Columbus.

So we drove and drove and drove. When we arrived at the gate we realised that the science center was in fact closed for the day. So...what to do? We searched the GARMIN for possible alternatives but no luck. We then settled on the idea of exploring parts of the city on foot.

I absolutely adore walking through new cities. Looking at the building facades and even exploring the ally ways can bring me hours of entertainment.

Rowan also had fun. He walked along with us just looking at everything around him. He spotted some geese on the river and found a small hole in the ground, big enough for his foot to fit snugly. When he spotted a large black ant on the concrete wall he backed away from it very quickly and squealed in utter disgust.

After a while our little guy got very tired and literally collapsed as we were walking while holding his hands. (He just really lifts his legs and hangs by his arms when he is tired.) Richard had to carry him the rest of the way and of course Rowan enjoyed that too.

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