Saturday, February 27, 2010


When you have established a routine within the household parenting can sometimes be rather monotonous save for those unexpected and wonderful moments where you get to see the world in a whole new way through the eyes of your child.

This past Friday we did the same thing we do almost every week. We went to the visitor center at the lake to visit with our friends the turtles and the fish. It was a cold day. I would venture to say that it was probably one of the coldest days that we have experienced this winter because the howling wind added some extra bite to the already frigid air. The car was nice and warm though so when I opened Rowan's door the cold air caught him by surprise and he gave a little shiver in acknowledgement. So we made sure that we wrapped up warmly - a nice thick jacket and hoody and we were set. Now this is where the "aah!" moment comes in: As Rowan got out of the car he looked up at the towering tree with it's very naked winter branches quivering in the wind and said with concern and amazement: "Wow! The tree's COLD!"
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