Monday, February 8, 2010

Rowan's World of Words

As Rowan's ability to communicate verbally steadily improves we find ourselves in a constant state of anticipation waiting for what he has to say next. Most of the time we are delighted by the sweet sounds coming from his mouth and at other times we think it might be best he didn't voice his opinion at all for instance when you are trying to buy the organic eggs and he insists at the top of his voice that we get the blue carton of eggs.

This morning as Richard and Rowan got near the school Rowan started asking: "School! Where are you? School!" - literally talking to the school. I find this to be adorable because it is Rowan's attempt at being silly or funny. If only you could see the expression on his face when he does this. Kind of hard to explain. Sorry about that.

Now that he is speaking a little more clearly we get to see how his mind works. Now we understand what he likes, dislikes and those things that he finds funny and why he thinks they are funny.

So, this afternoon as we arrived home and he saw the tracks that were made in the snow the day before by a makeshift sled he jumped for joy, laughed and excitedly shouted: "Daddy! Daddy! Snow!" The joy he felt in remembrance of the fun he had with his Dad on the sled was palpable and heart warming.

We also now know of an imaginary friend that Rowan seemed to have acquired. His name is "Dog" and he is a dog. He is a dog that likes to hide under the bed and run around corners. Apparently he gets into quite some mischief too because every now and again I will hear Rowan saying: "No! Dog! Go! Go!"

I am sure there are plenty more cute examples to tell you about but I recognize the fact that only Richard and I find all this to be super fun and fascinating. I am just happy to have the opportunity to share these joys of ours with you.
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  1. Elaine that is so sweet. They are like a holiday all wrapped up in a tiny body, aren't they? Everyday we get a wonderful gift. It is just so much fun to watch these little personalities unfold.

  2. Well done Rowy!

    Elaine, I don't think he has an imaginery friend - I think he's hinting for a pup :)