Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh Sh...

"Oh sh!" he says as the slippery bag falls from his busy little hands to the floor. As I cringe with the realisation that I might be responsible for the prolific use of this new exclamation, I can't help but giggle for the poor little kid, innocent as can be, has no idea that his shortened version of what most people consider to be a nasty old word, does not hide the fact that someone in this household has been saying things they shouldn't have been saying.

That someone is me because when I am stressed out and things go wrong I tend to loose it. I will add this though: the reason he only says sh and not the entire four letter word is because I usually catch myself in the middle of saying it and thus I stop at sh. So there you have it.

We thought a good remedy for this situation would be to get Rowan to say something else when things don't go his way. So the other day Winnie the Pooh gave us an adorable example of how to express yourself in the face of disappointment or frustration: "Oh bother!"

Great! It is the perfect word and Richard and I have been using it every time Rowan says "Oh sh!" So tonight we finally got him to repeat it when he spilled a whole cup of cold water over his lap and onto the floor. "Oh bother!" we said. "Oh bugger!" he said. Progress? Umm... no... probably not.
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  1. Ha! Ha! You have a potty mouth. I love the "Oh bother". That is what Andy says all of the time. Oddly Owen has never picked it up.